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Online Business Management

Online Business Management is for those who dont ever want to think about their websites. This package includes website management, social media management (including content creation, scheduling posts, monitoring and replying to comments and setting up events on social media) This package also includes Google My Business management with post creations, monitoring reviews, the message center and keeping information current. 

Online Business Management is a comprehensive plan that is designed to take care of the entire online portion of your business so you can focus on your in person customers and the physical side of your business.


Your website is one of the first things that people see about your business. By ensuring your website is up to date and includes a variety of useful information for your clients, you can bring in new clients, bond existing clients to the practice and relay important information quickly and effectively.

I can assist with your website by:

  • Updating information as needed.
  • Promoting Upcoming events on your website.
  • Changing pictures and improving overall look.
  • Develop on-line scheduling.


Every Small Business knows about the power of social media.   By having a dedicated person for social media, you can use the power of social media to your advantage. 

I can assist with your social media by:

  • Consistently posting to your account.
  • Creating graphics and stories to drive new customers to your door.
  • Monitor what is being said about your business on social media.


Does your business offer special events? Maybe you offer monthly specials, concerts, special events. Quickly spreading information on your online platforms is essential to having informed clients.

I can help by:

  •  Promoting those sales and specials across every platform.
  • Creating a uniform and consistent voice for your business.
  • Giving your clients easy access to information and the ability to share with others.

Let's design the perfect package for your veterinary practices' online presence!

Why are we the best choice?

  • Proven track record with local business’s social media!
  • Degree in Information Technology with a programming option!
  • Local. I can come to you to discuss ideas and suggestions!
  • Simple pricing, great service and a genuine desire to make your business the best it can be!
  • No Cookie Cutter designs. Even if you have your website with another company, the layout and wording can change to ensure that your website is as unique as your practice!
  • You talk to a real person and I do the work, your requests will not get passed on to someone who does not know your unique business!
  • Limited availability per town due to my ethics on not working with competitors!
  • Experience in Managing Website and Social Media Accounts for a variety of Businesses. I have also assisted clients with setting up a variety of online features from online pharmacies in vet clinics, to online ticket systems in concert venues.