Content is King

We all hear that Content is King but what type of content should you be using? And Where? Many Entrepreneurs know that a strong social media presence pays off but where is the best for what type of media? With the advent of video, live video, slide shows, images, and the written word how do […]

How your website is like a Party!

We all know that having a small business is a ton of work, and most of us with small businesses are extremely passionate about what we do. Many small business owners know they need to have an online presence but they are not sure how to turn it into a profit. Here at Diedrae Ramsey […]

Social Media Crashes

I have come across many small businesses that for one reason or another have decided that they will forgo a website and use social media as their source of online presence. That is a plan but there are some flaws in it. First, as we all seen when Social Media goes down, there are huge […]

Build Your website on your platform

With the rise of popularity, website builder sites like Wix and Weebly are becoming the go to for small business owners, and in some cases that is great but there are a few HUGE downsides to that. The First big downside is that you do not own the design or the platform. Meaning at any […]

Mobile Devices and your business

Cell phones are everywhere!! We all know that it is super easy and convenient to grab your phone and check out a business. We have all done it but when was the last time you checked out your own website on your mobile device?? I have seen several people recently share their websites on social […]


This past week, there have been several developments that can severely effect some of my Veterinary Clients. It involves data mining the information of their clients. Now, in my position, I chose to inform my clients of this development and make sure they are fully aware of the potential for misuse and security issues. Not […]

Websites and Your Small Business!

Why does your small business need a website? Well, the majority of people will search for a business online before visiting them in person. If you don’t exist online, then they will not find you or know your business exists.  Websites have become a business necessity in today’s market. They are used to allow your […]