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Website Design and Development

We specialize in Website Design and Development for Small Businesses. We understand that small businesses can benefit the most from a strong online presence but do not have the huge budgets that large corporations have.  We work hard to ensure that we are designing the perfect website to showcase your business with a price you can afford.  We also know that many design companies add on additional charges for additional features. Once we sit down and discuss your business’s website needs we will set a price that is fair to everyone. In many cases, you may not know exactly what you want on your website or how you want it to look. We take the time to sit down and go over all the options. You will also have several opportunities to review the site as it is being built.  

Expert Support for your Current Website

Many businesses have an existing website that is no longer attracting new customers, or their views are dropping.  This can be due to not having a Mobile View set up, the website being outdated, or the info being outdated.   Our support includes adding in a feature such as a carousal or updating to eCommerce sales. If you are finding your website is not attracting new customers, be sure to contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. 

We understand that in some cases, you just need a one time fix for a problem you are having. But, we also offer it as a monthly package to ensure you are covered when ever you need us!  

Schedule your appointment for support!

We all need a little help every now and then, if you are needing assistance with your website we are here!

Hosting and Maintenance Packages

We all have the best intentions with our websites. We plan on updating them regularly but life gets busy so it gets pushed back. Before you know it your website is years out of date. So, we offer maintenance packages to assist you in keeping your websites up to date. We also incorporate hosting into our maintenance packages to ensure you will NEVER have to deal with tech support if your website crashes. By signing up for our maintenance packages, you can ensure your website is up to date and only have to contact one person if you ever have your website crash. By being full service, we know we can solve your website concerns and problems with little to no stress on your part! 

Social Media Management

Many small business have social media now, but are they following the best practices on social media? We offer social media services to ensure your business is getting the attention it deserves on social media. We understand that pictures may need to be adjusted or graphics created. These things take time and effort, so if you are finding that you would like to delegate that to someone else. We are available for those tasks.