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Some of the work we have done!

We have done work for several small businesses, non-profit organizations and specialty projects. I personally build your website and manage your social media, so the image and goals we discuss for your website are fresh in my mind when I build it.  I do utilize people who are experts at grammar, spelling and a team that views website as they are built to ensure that they are visually pleasing.  Here at Diedrae Ramsey Designs, we also manage social media content, so we have people who are monitoring social media accounts all day to ensure that all our clients are being represented properly, both on their page and in comments. 

Several clients also have us maintain their sites that were not built by us. These clients learned quickly that maintaining their sites took a lot of work and decided to allow us to do the maintenance. We understand that websites are not a one-time thing but something that must be maintained and updated to ensure that they are giving their online clients the best service possible. That can be something as simple as changing out pictures, adding in a new sales promotions or changing out products for the season.

We do have several projects in the works that are not ready to be seen yet, so check back for updates!!

Our Work

Our Processes

We build lasting relationships with all of our clients and ensure that all changes and questions they have are promptly addressed. Everyone has heard the horror stories of website developers/designers that have spent the time to build a website, hosted it on their own hosting plan and disappeared, leaving the small business struggling with a sub-par website that they cannot update or change. Diedrae Ramsey Designs will build your website or manage your social media for you but we are always in contact and will always be available for you. As ethical designers and developers, we will never leave you hanging with a website or social media campaign that doesn’t suit your business. When you call or email us, you will get me, not some random person sitting in a cubicle, just crossing tasks off their to-do lists.  We are a small business that invests in the clients we work with and can properly serve their needs.

How It Works

When you come to Diedrae Ramsey Designs to discuss a website or your social media needs, we will have a sit down discussion on what your needs and goals are. Does your website need to be able to sell items or are you more focused on getting people in the door of your stores? Do you want your clients to be able to schedule appointments online? When we get all of these answered, we can begin the process of determining what you want your website to look like. 

Once we have figured out your goals and plans for your website, I can develop an estimate for the costs. But, as a small business we understand the struggles to budget for something new. So, we do have some flexibility in payment.  We also offer maintenance plans – this means we will maintain your website, make any necessary changes and ensure the hosting is working as it should.