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How We Got Started Helping Small Businesses

Hello, my name is Diedrae Ramsey. I am the founder of Diedrae Ramsey Designs. After a successful career as a veterinary technician, I was diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition that prevented me from doing the physical work. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to look at my duties within the vet clinics that I enjoyed. I realized that one of the things that I enjoyed so much was maintaining the online presence of the clinics I worked with. So with that in mind, I went back to college with the goal of designing and maintaining websites for small businesses. I found that while large businesses utilize websites and social media, small business were the last to jump on board. This may be because of the perceived costs or not believing that their online presence can influence their customers. 

I want to ensure that every small business that wants a website can utilize it for their business. As a website developer/designer, I understand how this technology can increase customer’s confidence and gain new customers. I want to build relationships with business owners so that they know their online presence is being maintained to their standards without having to stress about it. With this relationship, we can each do what we do best to achieve amazing results!! 

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